5 Different & Must-See Architectural Beauties in Barcelona

Barcelona is an architect’s Eden. Comprised of Catalan Gothic, medieval, Modernism and more, the city sets itself apart from the world with its alluring, almost impossible designs. During your visit at The Gates Hotel Diagonal, we suggest you take in all the different forms of architecture found around the city, some located as close as next door.

1. Torre Glòries

Formerly and more popularly known as the Agbar Tower, the 38-story bullet-shaped building opened in 2005, right next door to The Gates Hotel Diagonal. Its painted sheet metal and glass makes for an alluring superstructure by day, and its impressive nocturnal light shows are striking, especially from a distance. Let the Torre Glòries be your beacon during your stay at The Gates you can almost always see it no matter where you are in the city.

2. Avenida Diagonal

One of two large avenues in the city, Avenida Diagonal stretches 7 km and contains noteworthy architecture along its broad path. The ode to art-nouveau, Casa Comalat, the Caribbean-inspired Pedralbes Royal Palace, and the emblematic and modernist Casa de les Punxes are all located on the esteemed avenue, also home to The Gates Hotel Diagonal. For a open-air bus tour of the avenue, opt for the Red Route on the city’s Bus Turístic. Ticket and booking info on Barcelona Bus Turístic.

3. Casa Batiló

Gaudí’s Casa Batlló is one of the most-visited spots in all of Barcelona for its unmatched, unconventional beauty. Locally referred to as the “house of bones” for its skeletal appearance, the fantastical balconies, colors, mediums, and dragon-like roof are unlike any other architectural creation. Visit the Casa Batlló to take a look inside, enjoy a brief self-guided audio tour and swoon over the playful interiors. Open year-round. Definitely buy a ticket ahead of time to avoid long lines. If you’re interested in learning more about architect Antoni Gaudí, check out one of his first works, Casa Vicens. The house is a fully-restored museum space that gives you insight on the artist’s influences and development over time.

4. El Peix

The seafront goldfish structure created by the modern Canadian architect famous for destructivism, Frank Gehry, was built for the 1992 Olympics. Located on the seafront amid restaurants and bars, the giant sculpture “El Peix” changes appearance with the sunlight and is especially enticing from afar. Visit Somorrostro Beach near the casino for photos with the ever-changing fish.

5. Sagrada Familia

We saved the best for last. This unfinished Catholic church was started in 1882 and continues construction today. After nearly 150 years, its expected completion is slated for sometime in the next few decades. In 2015 it was reported at 70 percent completion, following the design Gaudí left before he died in 1926. It has suffered setbacks such as the Spanish Civil War and it’s complicated arrangement. Gaudí’s insanely elaborate design for this otherworldly masterpiece calls for 18 spires, 10 of which are complete. Buy tickets to enter this ethereal temple direct from the Sagrada Familia — and make sure to check dress code restrictions prior to your trip.


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