The 4 Best Places to Enjoy a Craft Beer in Barcelona

The inertia of the craft beer craze sweeping the world is undeniable. From the beer-drinking apps to the brewery tours, beer culture is taking root in every major city in Europe and the Americas. Our home city of Barcelona is no exception!

Barcelona has rapidly gained a reputation among the world’s beer-drinking enthusiasts for being the best city in Spain to enjoy craft beer and among the best in the world. The city boasts some of the best bars, brewpubs, and breweries Europe has to offer.

Whether your drink of choice is a larger, IPA, or stout, Barcelona has a drink for you. Join us as we explore the four best places in the city grab a pint:

1. Ale&Hop 

Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere 10, 08003 – Barcelona

Voted the „Best Restaurant for Beer in Spain“ by RateBeer in 2014 and 2015, Ale&Hop pairs about a dozen rotating craft beers on tap with a vegetarian menu so delicious you’ll be questioning your carnivorous ways.

The black bean burger and sweet potato fries are a devastating one-two punch to your taste buds. The dish pairs well with the guacamole dip appetizer and a cool, refreshing IPA.

Don’t be mistaken; Ale&Hop is a bar first with a lively scene that feels a lot more like an American brewery than a restaurant or English pub.

2. BierCaB 

Carrer Muntaner 55 , 08011 – Barcelona

With thirty craft beers on tap and a bottle list of Catalan, Spanish, and foreign brews, this gastropub offers one of the best beer selections in Barcelona. If you’re intimidated by BierCaB’s extensive menu, the best place to start is with Naparbier, their house brand, which was rated the „Best Beer in Spain“ by RateBeer in 2013.

BierCaB offers a tasty menu of burgers and pub-style comfort foods to satisfy your hunger. Being in Spain, you can’t go wrong ordering off the tapas menu. Share with your companions and get a little taste of everything.

Insider’s tip: As a traveler, you’ll appreciate BierCaB’s free Wi-Fi. Get back on the grid and share all those pictures you’ve been sitting on to Instagram!

3. The Black Lion

Carrer d’Evarist Arnús 70, 08014 – Barcelona

Having opened on April 23, 1964, the Black Lion is the oldest English pub in Barcelona. After a day spent wondering Las Ramblas, this is a great place to kick your feet up, enjoy a cold beer, and cheer on your favorite football team playing on the television.

Their house brand is called Farinetes, with two great brews offered under the label. Concordia is an American-style brown ale and Pi De Les Corts is a half-citrus IPA.

In true English pub style, the Black Lion attracts a raucous and fun crowd.

4. Garage Beer Co

Carrer de Consell de Cent 261, 08011 – Barcelona

The final watering hole on our list is our favorite play to grab a drink in the city; an exciting microbrewery and tapas bar with a friendly atmosphere and hip industrial chic. The Garage Beer Co always has ten beers on tap, eight or nine of their own and a guest brew or two.

If you’re not sure what to order, the bartenders are more than happy to offer a free sample or put together a flight for you. Their offerings are always rotating but you’ll be sure to find a great variety of IPAs, stouts, and everything in between.

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