6 Essentials to Pack for Your Summer Barcelona Trip

It happens to everyone: upon arrival to your vacation destination, you wish you thought to pack x, y, and z, all of which you have just sitting at home. It’s easy to overlook things when packing for any trip. The Gates Hotel Diagonal Barcelona gets it, so we decided to make a list of some items that can help during your stay in our fair city during the warm summer months.

1.  Tote Bag

There are endless uses for a tote bag, and on a vacation, it can be a lifesaver. Planning a beach day in Barcelona? To pack your towel, sunscreen and a change of clothes, bring along a tote bag. It doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase and dries quickly.

2. Light, breathable clothes

Not only is Barcelona incredibly sunny and hot during summer months, it’s also humid. This means sweaty. Packing breathable clothes, linen pants or cotton skirts so that you keep cool while you make your way around the city. On the flip side, indoors can be icy due to air conditioner, so bring along a cardigan or light sweater so you aren’t chilly.

3. Comfortable sandals, breathable walking shoes

Sore feet are a powerful catalyst for a bad mood while traveling, so pack smart. Bring along a breathable pair of sneakers or walking shoes, preferably worn-in (to avoid blisters), and bring along sandals you can wear to the beach and out walking. Happy feet bring you to good places, so treat your tootsies right.

4. Sunscreen

A common sight in Barcelona is the sunburned tourist, a look you definitely don’t want to rock while traveling. Apply sunscreen and take the proper precautions if you’re one to burn easily. The Barcelona sun is strong. Consider taking along a hat to keep the sun off your dome.

5. Quick-dry towel

If you’ve traveled with a quick-dry towel, chances are you never leave it behind. Quick-dry towels are awesome for traveling because you don’t have to lug around a humid towel that never seems to dry and is starting to smell. Pick up a lightweight, quick-dry towel at a camp store or online and you’ll never go back.

6. Power adaptor for some foreign travelers

For those traveling from outside of Europe, make sure to have an electric“European” plug model adaptor. It’s used across Europe, except the UK and Ireland. Universal plug adaptors are available if you’re planning to visit various countries. Ensure your phone is fully charged to snap all the vacation photos you need!

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