Get in Touch with Your Wild Side at the Barcelona Zoo

For a fun family gathering or laid-back day in the sun, plan a trip to the Barcelona Zoo. Located in the Parc de la Ciutadella, the zoo opened its doors in 1982 with a simple mission in mind: to house and protect endangered animals and educate the public on how to preserve the species that roam Mother Earth.

The zoo houses over 4,000 animals, including giraffes, cheetahs, lions, orangutans, tigers, bears, kangaroos, and even the endangered red panda. Their facilities faithfully reproduce the natural habitat of each animal, with trained professionals on the premise 24/7 to ensure adequate care.

There’s plenty of lush greenery and plant life too. With 300 trees, bushes, plants, and flowers, and 332 botanical species, the Barcelona Zoo is a true capsule of biodiversity. Alongside its walkways and greenhouse preserves, guests can spot dragon trees, ginkgo trees, hemp palms, and plenty of fruit-bearing flowers.

In between exhibits, enjoy restaurants, bars, pony rides, a miniature railway, shops, or a picnic on a grassy hill in the park. And if you’re lucky enough to stop by on the weekend, a slew of activities, that otherwise cost extra, are free with admission, including elephant training, penguin feeding, and live shows in the aquamarina.

The zoo works tirelessly to pay it forward behind the scenes. They’ve raised an astounding 1.5 million Euros towards research and preservation since 2009 through 108 institutional collaborations, 110 research and conservation programs, and 75 allocated grants.

The Barcelona Zoo is also the official headquarters of the famous Jane Goodall Institute–a global non-profit organization founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1977, which develops research and conservation programs for wild chimpanzees in Senegal, as well as sustainable development and environmental education within the local community.

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