5 Ways to Keep Cool in Barcelona

Heat and humidity are just part of summertime in Barcelona. Don’t despair! There are fun ways to cool off in Barcelona, from sipping on local drinks to visiting a beachside, sub-zero ice bar.

Here are 5 ways to keep cool in Barcelona during the muggy summer months.

1. Take a plunge in a nearby water park

If you’re a fan of thrill rides, visit one of the area’s water parks. We recommend PortAventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park,home to the King Kahuna, the tallest free-fall slide in Europe.

Illa Fantasia is another popular park with 22+ water rides. If traveling with kids, note that the park charges by height rather than age.

Tip: Buy tickets online to enjoy the best deals! Tickets with round-trip transportation are available through Barcelona City Tour.

2. Take a dip in our pool

You won’t escape the sun at our rooftop pool, but nearby drink service, a shady terrace, and lounge chairs will give you the rest and relaxation you desire. Order a cold, hand-crafted cocktail at our Diagonal 205 Skybar + Lounge and enjoy the view. See photos.

3. Sip on orxata or granissat

Sometimes sipping on something cold makes all the difference. Try a refreshing orxata (horchata), a milky-but-light beverage made with tiger nuts and spiced with cinnamon. This will be available for purchase just about everywhere.

If you’re a fan of snow cones, a granissat will do the trick. Granissat is made of crushed ice and something sweet. It’s usually lemon-flavored, but you won’t have any trouble finding a variety of flavors during the warmer months.

4. ICEBARcelona

For an a-typical way to deal with the heat, visit the bar specializing in sub zero temperatures located right off Somorrostro Beach.Ice Bar has a small area that is kept at a chilly -5°C (20°F). Admission includes a warm jacket, gloves, and one drink served out of an ice glass. Check out ice sculptures and feel the freeze. After 20 minutes you’ll be ready to head back to the warmth.

Tip: While a jacket and gloves are provided, shoes are not. Arrive prepared! This is a popular spot, so it’s recommended to make reservations ahead of time. Also, don’t expect to linger too long in the ice bar – after one drink, guests are swiftly invited to the outdoor terrace.

5. Day at the beach

Sub-zero bars are fun but we can’t forget mother nature’s nearby Mediterranean Sea! While a beach day will likely heat you up more than not, the sweet reward is cooling off in comfortable waters and letting the Mediterranean salt soothe your skin. Make sure to read our Barcelona Beach Guide to pick out the best beach for you.

Last but not least, no matter the occasion, don’t forget to lather up with sunblock so you don’t burn – that kind of heat is a little harder to escape.

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