Pedal Around Barcelona with Our Martone Bikes

Back in 1995, there were no bicycle lanes in Barcelona. Today, it’s regarded as one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe, with lanes and trails that afford views of the Mediterranean Sea and more. At The Gates Hotel Diagonal Barcelona, our custom Martone Bicycles are available for guests to rent and explore the city. Here are some of our favourite bike routes to pedal around Barcelona.

Beachside Villa Olímpica Route

This 9-km route brings you through the Villa Olímpica in Barcelona, overlooking the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

At the start of the route, you’ll pass Parc del Camp de la Bota, a memorial honoring victims of the Francoist concentration camp formerly in its place. You’ll soon reach the Passeig Marítim del Bogatell, a beach route that overlooks crystal-clear water and crowds enjoying the sun and surf. Once you reach the Barcelona Casino, you’ll take a right at Avinguda de Litoral until you reach Avinguda Meridiana. This avenue will bring you to the Paca de les Glòries Catalanes, just blocks away from The Gates. See full bike route outline on Google Maps.

Besòs River Trail

Besòs River flows into the Mediterranean, where this route begins. Along the river, a paved bike path runs 5 km. Besòs River was formerly polluted due to its industrial surroundings, but now it is in a state of recovery, with lush lawns that run along the river’s edge. This bike trail is part of the effort to revitalize the river.

About 3 km north, you’ll arrive at Parc Fluvial del Besòs, which is a mix of free-roaming sheep and old industrial buildings. About 2 km along the trail, those with mountain bikes have the option to continue onward til the trail ends, roughly 4 km further. This isn’t the most exciting trek, but it’s direct if you’re looking to do some cardio. Here’s a map of the trail by Spinlister’s John Wachunas.See route from The Gates to the start of the trail on Google Maps.

Ciutadella Park Cruise

The Parc de la Ciutadella is a pristine oasis of gardens, castles and fountains. We suggest you pack a picnic and take a leisurely cruise around the park to explore and relax.

The 70-acre park is often regarded as the lung of Barcelona, with its wide green spaces. Originally the site of Felipe V’s mega fortress, the park now houses the city zoo, museums, the Catalonian Parliament, a small lake with rental boats and a castle. Bike and walking trails wind around the park. If you plan to check out the museums or tours of the parliament, remember to bring a bike lock.

It’s less than a 10-minute ride to Ciutadella from The Gates Hotel Diagonal Barcelona. Leaving the hotel, head right, then a quick right onto Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada. Take another right on Carrer de Tanger, following this road until you reach Avingund Meridiana. See map route.

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